Best Pizza In Dallas?

It’s Friday, which means it’s a great night for pizza! Better Dallas just came across a post from I Live In Dallas, where author Delia Jo ranks her Top 5 pizzerias in Dallas. Judging by her post, it seems as if she has a pretty good take on the pizza scene here in Dallas (& pizza in general). Being that I have yet to try any of these places myself since I have returned to Dallas (only one of them has been opened in Dallas longer than 10 years), I am going to have to test this list out for myself.

Here is the ranking…

5. Fireside Pies: Pizza dough looks really thick & doughy (in a good way), and the toppings look hearty. I have heard good things about this pizza and am excited to try it.

Fireside Tirple 'Roni Pizza

4. Dough: Notoriety for this establishment has certainly picked up since Guy Fieri has been raving about the San Antonio location on his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives so it’s only a matter of time until I try this place out & put the hype to the test.

Margherita Pizza at Dough Pizzeria

3: Coal Vines: An uptown staple, Coal Vines has been around for a while & usually always makes the top of the metroplex pizza lists every time. I hear they have a delectable meatball pizza not on the menu.

Pizza at Coal Vines

2. Grimaldi’s: This was one of my favorite, if not my favorite pizzerias while I lived in New York City. Not only was the pizza insatiable, but the view was incredible (positioned right under the Brooklyn Bridge, on the Brooklyn side). I know that the original owners sold the establishment to a Russian family a few years ago & now their arrival in Dallas means that they must have franchised. Granted the view won’t be as good as New York City, I’m placing my best that the pizza will be close to the real thing.

Pepperoni Pizza @ Grimaldi's

1 (tie!). Cane Rosso: I have only heard of rave review of Cane Rosso since they have opened in Deep Ellum. While I have yet to eat in their location, as I actually have had the opportunity to feast on their creations at a catered event, which has me yearning to get the real thing at their establishment.

Delia Pizza at Cane Rosso

1 (tie!). Olivella’s: This is the one establishment that I have never heard of, which is a good because I like new things, especially if they are the best!

Truffle Pizza at Olivella's

Missing from this list are some other locations highlighted by CraveDFW‘s 7 Wonderful Pizzas in Dallas That Are Not Neapolitan: Nonna, Louie’s, Serious Pizza, Campisi, Elbow Room and last but not least, Bryan Street Tavern. Needless to say, Dallas has an abundance of quality pizzerias.

So now that you are hungry, where are you going to go? Let us know what you think of these rankings in the comments below. We will keep you posted on our findings.

To read a more depth review of the ratings, please check out I Live In Dallas’s post here.

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