DAY 1 of Shepard Fairey (OBEY) in Dallas

Yesterday, Better Dallas met up with the notorious artist, Shepard Fairey, known for his iconic OBEY artwork, for his first day on the job. He was commissioned to transform several Dallas city walls in to pieces of art. As soon as we heard he was coming to Dallas, we contacted a good friend of ours, one of his main assistants, who gave us the lowdown on their whereabouts. Once meeting up with the OBEY crew, we got a chance to talk to Shepard about the project. We welcomed him to Dallas, for his first time back in nine years. He acknowledged that the city was changing & becoming more of a destination than ever before. The day was off to a slow start for the crew as it was windy (hard to use spray glue/paint & laydown prints) & the boxes of Montana Spray paint (his spray paint sponsor), hadn’t shown up yet, so they had to resort to the inferior Rustoleum to get the project started.

They are in the process of transforming several of the brightly colored buildings in West Dallas, just on the other side of the Bridge To Nowhere. So I guess now for now, it will be a Bridge To Somewhere, a mecca of Shepard Fairey murals, until West Dallas is actually developed into something.

We have the inside scoop for OBEY’s weekly activities so make sure you stay in touch with Better Dallas for updates on the transformation of the city as it happens.

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