Fireside Pies is AWESOME

Fireside Pies WINS for being awesome. Well, actually, it was my lady & I who won as we decided to go there for a Friday night date night and ended up having a great time as we ate some incredible food. After salivating over all of the available pizza options in Dallas, we decided to start at the top of the list with Fireside Pies on Henderson & we were glad we did.

As we don’t care too much for waiting around for a table, we tried to call in for a reservation. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, but they do take call aheads. You can tell them what time you are planning on coming. So it’s kind of like a reservation, however it is a first come-first serve basis. When we got there, we had a 30 minute wait post checking in. However, we got lucky & had two available stools for us at the bar so we decided to jump right in (we were hungry).

We started with two cucumber spiced margaritas & the baked goat cheese crostini appetizer featuring warm goat cheese, olives, oven-dried tomatoes & thick pesto all drench in a warm oil.I love all of these ingredients separately but had no idea that they could be combined so well. The leftovers also serve as a great dipping sauce for your leftover pizza crust.

Friends next to us let us try their special drink off the menu, a ghost pepper spiced margarita. I was fairly warned that it would be spicy, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The tequila had been infused with the ghost pepper for two weeks & was a special concoction that head bartender, John Lewis, had been working on perfecting. It was the spiciest thing I have ever had, until my adventure the next day. If you REALLY like some spice in your drink, order the Ghost Pepper Margarita.

We had one more round of cocktails, this time the Sweat Tea Vodka & the Ginger Lemonade Vodka. Finally our pizza came & we were ever so grateful. We ordered the Hot n’ Crumbled featuring sausage from the local favorite, Jimmy’s Food Store. This pizza was awesome with the combination of Jimmy’s Spicy Italian Sausage & the Roasted Garlic-Herb Whipped Ricotta. I can’t wait to try the others. The crust was thick, but not in a way that bothered me, as it was so crispy on the outside & soft on the inside, which made great for dipping in the left over warmed goat cheese pesto. We had DMT’s Cheesecake to end the feast which consisted of Blackberry Vanilla
Swirl in a “Nilla” Wafer Crust.

Before we left, I was able to stop by my friends table, who were enjoying the famous “Triple ’Roni” (Pepperoni, Fresh Mozzarella, Hand-Torn Basil & Truffle Oil), which I think will be my next selection during my follow up visit to Fireside Pies. I anticipate this next visit will be sooner rather than later.

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