Fireside Pies is AWESOME

Fireside Pies WINS for being awesome. Well, actually, it was my lady & I who won as we decided to go there for a Friday night date night and ended up having a great time as we ate some incredible food. After salivating over all of the available pizza options in Dallas, we decided to start at the top of the list with Fireside Pies on Henderson & we were glad we did.

As we don’t care too much for waiting around for a table, we tried to call in for a reservation. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, but they do take call aheads. You can tell them what time you are planning on coming. So it’s kind of like a reservation, however it is a first come-first serve basis. When we got there, we had a 30 minute wait post checking in. However, we got lucky & had two available stools for us at the bar so we decided to jump right in (we were hungry). Continue reading